Code Examples

Code Examples

Example apps and demos that showcase Tableland usage.

Official Examples

A series of demos and examples created by the core Tableland development team. These examples should reflect the latest Tableland APIs and versions.

Tableland Examples Apps

This repo contains fork-able proof-of-concept front-ends built on Tableland by the Tableland team. Click on the links to view a live demo deployed to IPFS via Textile Buckets.

  • Canvas game — a p5.js dynamic NFT
  • Data DAO — building a data DAO with Tableland
  • Chess NFT — a chess game that is a dynamic NFT with access control
  • Game state — a simple game with Tableland storing game state
  • Animation URL — React app at the animation URL of a NFT
  • Voter — Q&A with on-chain access control
  • Todo App — the classic todo app, built with tables!
  • Synthetic Loot Game — a fun game extension that uses tables to imbue special properties on Synthetic Loot.
  • Gila — a Twitter clone with developer-owned table and user access control

All repos are in the Tableland GitHub org, prefixed with example-: here

Community Examples

A listing of demos and apps built by and for the Tableland community. Think your project or demo should be on this list? Get in touch and let's add it! The Tableland team doesn't maintain these projects, so if you run into problems, be sure to check package versions.

  • Your app here!

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