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Town Halls

Town Hall v5.2.1
January 19, 2023
Town Hall v5.0.1
November 8, 2022
Town Hall v4.3.0
September 27, 2022
Town Hall v4.2.2
August 30, 2022
Town Hall v4.1.2
August 2, 2022
Town Hall v4.1.0
July 12, 2022
Town Hall v4.0.0
June 16, 2022
Town Hall v3.2.1
May 31, 2022

Community & organization version timeline.


Tableland uses semantic versioning for the evolution of the entire organization. When you see a Tableland org version, like in the town hall notes above, you can read it as {Season}.{Milestone}.{Checkpoint}. Seasons are generally 12 weeks long, Milestones 6, and Checkpoints are 2.

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