Town Hall v4.1.0

Town Hall v4.1.0

Season 4 progress update @July 12, 2022


  • @Andrew Hill
  • Tableland Intro

Season 4 progress updates

Network upgrade

  • @Carson Farmer and @Ignacio Hagopian
  • What’s new?
  • Where to start?
  • What’s next?
    • Official release of our open source validator is coming up!
    • Custom parser, the what, why, and how to be revealed soon!
    • Tons of dev ex optimizations, speaking of which…

Developer resources

  • @Dan Buchholz
  • What’s new?
  • Where to start?
    • Developer Office Hours
  • What next?
    • More docs to help document SQL & smart contracts
    • Tutorial series
    • Engineering blog

Pilot Program

  • @Brian Hoffstein
  • What’s new?
    • What it is + kick off last week.
  • Project overview
    • Developer Track @Dan Buchholz
      • What it is and what they are working on.
    • Partner Track @Marla Natoli
      • What it is and who they are.
  • How to follow?
    • What the public can look out for (project briefs, final event).
  • What’s next?
    • Project briefs in ~1.5 weeks.
    • Final project showcase @August 25, 2022


  • @Andrew Hill
  • What’s new?
  • How to follow?
    • We’ll open up a Discord channel for validator discussions early next month.
    • Validator docs release is coming up soon.

Tableland Rigs

  • @Sander Pick
  • What’s new
    • Launch this week! Timeline
      • Allowlist winners wen?
      • Waitlist members wen?
      • Public wen?
    • How can people know their status?
  • How to get involved?
    • Where to go to mint rigs in each window?
    • What if people don’t get a rig? Secondary!
  • What’s next?
    • Progressively converting Discord for developers and Rig owners.
    • We’ll open a Rig owner only channel next week.
    • We’ll have some cool Rig-owner // Pilot program cross-over opportunities coming up soon.

Community Q&A

  • @Andrew Hill

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