Town Hall v4.1.2

Town Hall v4.1.2

Season 4 progress update @August 2, 2022


  • Tableland overview @Andrew Hill
    1. The protocol.
    2. The NFT.
    3. How we work.
  • Town hall agenda & format @Andrew Hill
    • Q&A at the end. Ask any questions in #general or raise your hand and we can bring you on stage at the end.

Season 4 updates

Protocol Dispatches

  • Pending release @Bruno Calza
    • New schema discovery endpoint.
  • Next up @Carson Farmer
    • Custom parser and some new libs
    • Multi-transaction support. What is it and what does it solve?
    • Table NFTs. What are they and what’s changing?
    • Testnet on Mainnets!

Network Validator

  • Validator overview @Carson Farmer
    • What are they and why they are important
    • Testnet validator roll-out plan
      • Limited set of partners for first 2-3 months.
      • Rapid testing and optimization.
    • Broaden release.
  • Next up @Carson Farmer
    • Finalize validator partner search in the next 2 weeks.
    • Outreach and onboarding through August.

Ecosystem Reports

Tableland Rigs

  • Summary of the NFT Drop @Andrew Hill & @Sander Pick
    • What went well and what didn’t.
    • Total sales to date: 1.5k ETH
  • Sharing the public roadmap! Adding to our docs page today. @Sander Pick
    1. Q3 2022

      Open source Rigs

      Garage doors open (early to mid September)

    2. A Garage app that will allow owners to take Rigs out of the Garage.
    3. Live metric that measures how many blocks a Rig has been in flight (flight-time).
    4. Q4 2022

      Flight-time Rewards (mid October)

    5. One month after the first Rig leaves the garage, they will be eligible for the first Flight-time Reward (FTR).
    6. Validator staking research complete (late October)

    7. Allow Rigs in-flight to help secure the Tableland testnet.
    8. Badges are unlocked for Rigs (mid November)

    9. Any Rig in-flight will be eligible to earn our first badges.
    10. Badges will be a mix of automated and community driven.
    11. Customizable Rig pilots (mid December)

    12. Amplify the flare of your Rig in the marketplaces (and elsewhere) by setting your own custom pilot.


  • Ask your questions in #general channel on discord at any time.
  • Or, raise your hand on the live stage and we’ll pull you up in the Q&A session.

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