Town Hall v4.2.2

Town Hall v4.2.2

Season 4 progress update @August 30, 2022


  • Tableland overview
    1. The protocol.
    2. The NFT.
    3. How we work.
  • Town hall agenda & format
    • Updates
    • Pilot Program demos!
    • Q&A at the end. Ask any questions in #general or raise your hand and we can bring you on stage at the end.

Season updates


  1. Testnet now available on Mainnets! @Carson Farmer
    1. Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism
  2. Multi-event support @Ignacio Hagopian
  3. Tables are now on OpenSea @Allen Muncy
  4. Validators onboarding! @Carson Farmer
    1. See #node-operators
  5. Dashboard beta testers! @Allen Muncy


  1. Garage status update! @Andrew Hill
    1. Interview w/ Oddfellows
    2. Roadmap
    3. Garage coming fast! Current status!


  1. Recent events! @Brian Hoffstein
    1. Twitter interview with Pilot Program teams.
    2. Twitter interview with Dapphaus.
    3. Twitter interview with SURREAL.
    4. Midnight Labs interview w/ Carson Farmer.
    5. NFT NYC talk by Andrew Hill on ownership building blocks.
  2. Ongoing events! With Tableland bounties! @Dan Buchholz
    1. — started @August 29, 2022
      1. $10k in total prizes
        1. Grand Prizes: 2 x $3,500
        2. Runners Ups: 2 x $1,500
      2. Awarded to Most innovative use of Tableland across any track (Metaverse & Gaming, Developer Tooling, Cloning Web2, or Doing Good)
        1. Rewarded to the teams that demonstrate a novel use case using dynamic, relational (meta)data. Bonus points — cross-chain SQL queries (e.g., SELECTs, JOINs, INSERTs, etc.) using at least 2 of the following networks: Ethereum, Optimism, and/or Polygon.
    2. — starts @September 2, 2022
      1. $5k in total prizes (similar to the description above)
        1. Pooled prize: $3500
        2. Grand prize: $1000
        3. Runner up: $500
  3. Discord updates! @Andrew Hill
    1. New GitHub channels.
    2. New Guild channels.
  4. Dev blog launched! @Dan Buchholz
    2. Engineering blog was part of this — summarizes releases in a more digestible format and is released after every milestone (6 weeks)
    3. Other article were included in the launch: Exploring the Rigs Tables, SQLite Migration & Parser, Affecting Tableland State, Value Layering Across L1 & L2, and Deploying an NFT to Polygon
    4. if you’re looking for anything in particular, drop your ideas into #dev-chat and let’s figure out how to get that content written.
  5. Pilot program wrap! @Dan Buchholz
    1. 0 to 100 in 7 weeks — quite a feat!
    2. Shoutout to metabadge and the Chain Runners extensions — swept the bounties!
    3. New program applications launch tomorrow!
      1. If you’ve built anything with Tableland or have well-scoped ideas on what you’d like to build, submit an application! Recall that we offer grants/bounties for being a part of the program itself, additional bounties for winning snapshot votes, and (as always) offer guidance along the way.
    4. Pilot Program project demos! @Andrew Hill


  • Ask your questions in #general channel on discord at any time.
  • Or, raise your hand on the live stage and we’ll pull you up in the Q&A session.

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