Town Hall v5.0.1

Town Hall v5.0.1

The first gathering of Season 5.


  • Get everyone up to speed! @Andrew Hill
    1. What is the Tableland protocol?
    2. What is the Rigs NFT?
    3. What have we been up to lately?
  • Today’s agenda & format @Andrew Hill
    • Blast through a ton of updates from the team.
    • Slightly new format for questions this season. Q&A at the end of each section. Ask any questions in #general or raise your hand and we can bring you on stage at the end.


Season 04 recap

General updates

  • Twitter spaces re-launching! @Brian Hoffstein
  • Convergence recap
    1. Public convergence: who was there, what did you miss, and where can you catch recaps? @Brian Hoffstein
    2. Private convergence: what was it, what did we do, what was the result? @Andrew Hill
  • Season 05 Overview @Andrew Hill
    1. Major themes
      1. Continue to open our internal documents.
      2. Greater focus on growth & community.
      3. Grow Pilot Program & opportunities for builders.
      4. Continue the race toward mainnet.
    2. Project on Github
      2. Open for following, joining, contributing.
      3. Let’s get into specific updates!
    3. Community Working Groups
      1. Opportunities to get involved!
      2. Technical and non-technical.
      3. Some incentivized options.

Builder updates

All the exciting things for developers and node operators!

  1. Not much shipping today! Planning is just behind us and we’re starting to build!
  2. What’s in store for the season? @Carson Farmer & @Sander Pick
    1. Protocol highlights
    2. Tooling highlights

Builder discussion + Q&A

Other builder updates from the team missed, new projects we spotted that we should highlight, or questions from the community.

Pilot Program updates

All the things you don’t want to miss about this awesome developer program!

  1. PP2 Milestone I winners! @Dan Buchholz
  2. PP2 Demo Day date announced (Nov 22) @Brian Hoffstein
  3. PP3 Updates (Jan/Feb 23) @Andrew Hill

Pilot discussion + Q&A

Other Pilot Program updates from the team missed, new project releases we spotted that we should highlight, or questions from the community.

Rig owner updates

Collectors unite! Here’s what you missed and what’s coming next!

  1. You are hear for the garage, let’s go! @Sander Pick(?)

Rig discussion + Q&A

Other Rig topics we missed or questions from the community.

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