Town Hall v5.2.1

Town Hall v5.2.1

Launch week gathering.


  • Today’s agenda & format @Brian Hoffstein
    • Blast through a ton of updates from the team.
    • Q&A at the end. Ask any questions in #general or raise your hand and we can bring you on stage at the end.
  • Get everyone up to speed! @Andrew Hill
    1. What is the Tableland protocol?
    2. What is the Rigs NFT?
    3. What have we been up to lately?
    4. What you can do to get involved?
      1. Joining our Data Working Group, more below.
      2. Pilot your Rig, more below.
      3. Share the Pilot Program with founders you know, more below.
      4. Come hang at a Table Raise (first Wednesday of the month).
      5. Join us at office hours in Discord (every week).
      6. Join us in Denver for Buidl Week (more below).
    5. Where to follow us
      1. Youtube
      2. Twitter
      3. Newsletter

Tableland updates

Product updates

All the exciting things for developers and node operators!

  1. Launch week overview (@Dan Buchholz or @Carson Farmer)
    1. Update on the new SDK & CLI: (@Carson Farmer)
      2. (@Allen Muncy)
    2. Network updates. (@Carson Farmer)
      1. New validator API ship.
      2. The mainnet/testnet split.
      3. Floating point exploration.
  2. Recent updates (@Allen Muncy)
    1. First Console NFT!

Community updates

All the things you don’t want to miss about this awesome ecosystem!

  1. Pilot Program III
    1. Status & timeline on Pilot Program III (& future cohort) application process. @Dan Buchholz
      1. Announcement:
      2. What does everyone need to know?
      3. What are we looking for?
    2. Overview of Chairs and our partnerships w/ Filecoin & Toucan. @Marla Natoli
      1. What do teams need to do to be eligible for being a chair?
      2. What do they get?
  2. Events @Brian Hoffstein
    1. Buidl Week!!!
      1. What are we doing? What other opportunities could we create for the community.
      2. Join our newsletter to get updated on time and location:
    2. EthDenver.
  3. Virtual events @Brian Hoffstein
    1. Livestreams
      1. What interviews and panels have we done?
        1. Panels playlist
      2. What’s coming for developers and what have we published recently?
        1. Workshop playlist
    2. Builder series sneak peeks?
  4. Data Working Group @Andrew Hill
    1. What is it and why are we doing it?
    2. Who’s involved and how can you get involved?
    3. What are we working on?
      1. OpenData Community Hackathon

Rig owner updates

Collectors unite! Here’s what you missed and what’s coming next! (@Brian Hoffstein)

  1. Pilots launched:
  2. New Leaderboard:
  3. Updated Rig pages:
  4. New owner profile pages:
  5. Opened the Garage to everyone:

Hot mic

All the Q&A time needed to answer your questions plus some open time to talk about subjects of interest to you.

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