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An overview of using Polygon with Tableland.

Polygon is one of the EVM-compatible Layer 2 solutions that Tableland currently supports. Check out the overview of what this network is and relevant information when using it.


Polygon is a popular L2 scaling solution called a sidechain. It has low transaction costs and high transaction speed & throughput, so many developers choose Polygon when designing cost effective applications that require a high transaction throughput or speed.

For comparison, Polygon supports 7k tx/s compared to Ethereum’s 15 tx/s and ~10000x lower costs per transaction than Ethereum. It’s important to note that sidechains do use different security assumptions than the L1; it’s what allows Polygon to architect its network in a way that enables all of these benefits for developers. Nevertheless, it’s a great scaling solution.

Polygon (mainnet)

Polygon Mumbai (testnet)

Getting testnet funds

Request testnet Ether from a faucet noted above. Note that bridging is not required since MATIC is the native token, not ETH.