Our Vision

Tableland’s Vision & Manifesto

Get to know more about who we are by exploring our vision and manifesto.


Be the composable data layer of the Internet.


Since our time as Textile, we’ve been excited to accelerate the exchange of information across society.

Harnessing the total value of digital information means creating systems that promote the exchange of data and information across borders and through time. It also means that we need networks and protocols that are as dynamic as we are, so that digital experiences can build, grow, and change with us.

Tableland sits on the frontier of web3. We’re exploring and experimenting with new ways to bring the dynamism of gaming, art, music, culture, and ultimately humanity, to a new vision of the web. We’re home to those who are in pursuit of that same vision, and we’re ready to support them with tools, resources, and rewards.

We’re here to build a new web. Together.

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