Rigs NFT

Rigs NFT

A developer-first NFT, inherently rewarding builders and community members of the Tableland network.

Rigs are a generative collection of 3k NFTs designed for those who build on Tableland. They set a foundation to help reward developers for building high value applications and to those contributing to the ecosystem as a whole.

There are a number of ways the Tableland protocol plans to leverage Rigs as a reward mechanism. For example, Badges are distinct additions to a Rig that can only be earned by engineers, validators, stewards, and educators. More will come over time, but for now, stay tuned for future updates!

For an overview of the Rigs collection, check out our homepage. Meet the Rigs

Rigs NFT Deployment

Rigs use Tableland for metadata, are multichain, and they demonstrate exactly how NFTs should be built. The following highlights some information about the actual deployment:

  • Rigs are minted on Ethereum (L1) at the contract:
  • Rigs metadata lives in Tableland — see here for an example — and includes cross chain queries for metadata composition.
  • The allowlist was publicly readable since it was deployed in Tableland. It was also used in the minting UI to show if any allow list spots were reserved upon wallet connection; a real but simple use case, demonstrating the art of the possible for the web3 user experience. Lastly, the contract leveraged merkle proofs to ensure offchain mint calls were coming from users on the allow list, defined in the onchain contract’s allowListRoot:
    • For more background, this works by allowing anyone to submit a valid merkle proof to mint, where the leaf is rebuilt in the contract using msg.sender — and the proof is used to verify that leaf in the contract. That is, since you can't spoof msg.sender, it doesn't matter that you could generate proofs for other people.
  • The Rigs smart contract is an upgradeable smart contract — this follows best practices that are used in smart contract development and allows for future Rigs upgrades to the developer experience.

Rigs in Discord

Once you’ve minted (or purchased) a Rig, you’re now a proud owner and have access to additional channels in the Tableland ecosystem! If you own a Rig, you can hop in our Discord and check out the following to get access to additional channels:

  • #rigs-verify ⇒ Hop into our Discord and walk through the verification process:
    1. Go to the channel and click one of the verification messages:
    2. image
    3. Enter your wallet address & click Submit:
    4. image
    5. Upon success, you should see a message similar to the one below, giving you access to a couple of new channels!
    6. image

Stay tuned™.

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