Extend Existing NFTs

Extend Existing NFTs

Extend Existing NFTs

Leverage dynamic metadata to extend existing NFTs with new attributes, assets, and information.


A current challenge with NFTs is that creators don’t have any influence on their items — if a certain game doesn’t accept an asset, then that’s the end of the discussion. But, what if the players had an upload feature to create extended models of an existing NFT — all within the context of this game?

Now, the compatibility with said game is solved for without any additional development; the existing NFT is simply extended (or wrapped) with new attributes that are compatible with the game itself. For example, a standard Pfp could be “uploaded” to the game’s platform where Tableland helps wrap the asset with new attributes, creating a voxel-ized version of the original one.


  • Create a single controller table with a row for every unique TokenID in a collection.
  • In addition to the tokenID, fill the row with all other unique information that is useful. For example, you may include an IPFS CID for a 3D model that associates with this specific Token. Or, you may have multiple columns, each for a different part of the traits you are adding. It’s up to you!
  • Loot is a great NFT project to start your exploration here. There are a million ways left to extend the NFT and build new experiences and games for owners.


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