Fractionalized (old ipfs metadata) media NFT into new collectables w/ Tableland metadata

Note. This is purely an example of the type of integration we could do with a songaday. The specific one below has been bought and may not be available in any reasonable timeline. The Objectives could be the same.

The below should be migrated to the Use-cases table.


  1. Build a cool novel token use-case that integrates with a widely owned and well known NFT collection.
  2. Demonstrate the use of mixed-media and Tableland.
  3. Demonstrate how to wrap old NFTs into more advanced Tableland-based NFTs.
  4. Stretch goal of doing scrubber based commenting on a media NFT.

Tableland usage

Use an original table in Tableland to serve metadata in response to tokenURI

Use-case or plan of action

  1. Buy the Legend of the Seven Siblings
  2. Create an erc71 contract that will wrap the original NFT and fractionalize it into 7 new NFTs (4hrs)
  3. Each of the 7 new NFTs will have a tokenURI that points to a row in a table.
  4. Engage oddfellows to design 7 animated chapters that play for the NFT, each chapter is one of the factionalized NFTs.

Seven Siblings NFT Collection

  • 7 NFTs.
  • 1 for each chapter of the original song
  • Animated by oddfellows and mapped in a Table
  • Watch the 7 chapters along with the original music.

Rough animation plot chapters (each chapter as an nft)

  1. Character RuneKek is a prince in a tableland style animated world
  2. He sees the tragedy coming and is pleading to the people
  3. He searches over the barren land as the pending tragedy is coming
  4. image
  5. There is a slumbering 7 headed monster in a cave. Sleeping on a pile of ethereum.
  6. Runekek loses an initial battle (65m eth lost)
  7. Runekek finds and wakes the slumbering monster just in time to save the rest
  8. The eth is secured and the prince and monster celebrate
  9. image

    Project landing

    Finally, a project landing page could have the 7 NFTs stitched together to play the full song with the animation. More so, we may be able to play with scrubber-based comments that are actually connected to each of the 7 derivative NFTs. Stretch goal.