A summary on where to go to build on Tableland.

Prerequisites & Repos

Before getting started with any of the options below, it may be helpful to reference the brief on what you should set up before using any of Tableland’s tools.

Quick Start

A very brief overview on installation & usage of the JavaScript SDK and CLI tool. For those that don’t read docs and go straight to the source code.

JavaScript SDK

The best way to build on Tableland is to use our official JavaScript/TypeScript client. You can install this via npm or yarn. You can also pull the ESM build via cdn.skypack.dev or other means. For details and code snippets to get you going quickly, jump on over to our JavaScript SDK guide.


Sometimes you just wanna type stuff into a terminal and observe the results. That's what the experimental command line tools for Tableland are for. Read on to get started playing with Tableland from the comfort of your command line.

SQL Specification

Tableland uses the well known Structured Query Language (SQL) for creating, mutating, and querying relational tables on the Tableland network. Only a subset of the full capabilities are currently supported, so head over to our SQL specs to get familiar on what you can do.

Play in the Browser

The quickest way to interact and play with our API is to use our official playground tools.

You can test out a simple interactive terminal for querying (read) tables on Tableland below, or jump on over to our website where you can play with our integrated testnet Terminal!

Be sure to connect to the Goerli testnet with MetaMask before running queries in the demo below.