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Cost estimator

Understand cost approximations for table creates and writes based on statement size.

Every byte contributes to the cost associated with database mutating queries, and we're always working to reduce costs with the goal of being cost competitive with web2 databases. The tables highlighted below provide estimates for creating and writing data where each shows the following:

  • Size of the statement in bytes (B).
  • Cost in the chain's native crypto token or USD.
  • These costs mapped per megabyte (MB).

Please be sure to perform your own tests to understand price implications since the live market impacts the price of any onchain transaction. For these estimates, the following market prices (USD) are used in the calculation, and you can adjust them below:

ETH price (USD):
MATIC price (USD):
FIL price (USD):

Note that all chains' native token is ETH, except for Polygon (uses MATIC) and Filecoin (uses FIL).

Create costs

ChainCreate size (B)Create costCreate cost (USD)Create costCreate cost (USD/MB)
ethereum1330.0013496 ETH$4.048910.1476 ETH/MB$30442.82
optimism1340.0001609 ETH$0.48261.2004 ETH/MB$3601.14
arbitrum one1370.0000744 ETH$0.22310.5427 ETH/MB$1628.24
arbitrum nova1370.0000011 ETH$0.00320.0078 ETH/MB$23.38
base $ /MB$
polygon1350.0083191 MATIC$0.005861.6227 MATIC/MB$43.14
filecoin1330.0406474 FIL$0.2337305.6195 FIL/MB$1757.31

Write costs

ChainWrite size (B)Write costWrite cost (USD)Write costWrite cost (USD/MB)
ethereum1890.0010859 ETH$3.25765.7454 ETH/MB$17236.06
optimism1900.0001829 ETH$0.54860.9625 ETH/MB$2887.51
arbitrum one1930.0000892 ETH$0.26750.4620 ETH/MB$1386.15
arbitrum nova1920.0000010 ETH$0.00290.0050 ETH/MB$14.91
base $ /MB$
polygon1910.0044093 MATIC$0.003123.0853 MATIC/MB$16.16
filecoin1930.0373531 FIL$0.2148193.5392 FIL/MB$1112.85