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Tutorials and example apps to help kickstart your development process.

There are a number of written tutorials and workshops that walk through how to build on Tableland. An endless number of use cases exist for using a serverless and permissionless relational database, but a few common areas include the following:

NFTs & gaming

Build dynamic NFTs user-driven actions (on-chain) mutating table state.

Data & storage

Learn how Tableland can power collaborative data and other data-driven use cases.

  • Building a Data DAO: Create a DAO where only successful DAO votes from members will mutate table data.
  • Key-value store as NFT: Use Tableland as a key-value store while also enabling ownership through an NFT-based database.


Miscellaneous walkthroughs that showcase Tableland functionality along with various tools or protocols.

  • On-chain table reads with Chainlink: Since table state is all off-chain within the Tableland network, you can use oracles like Chainlink to query table data using an API and write that data back on-chain.
  • JSON files to NFT metadata: With a Hardhat project, take local JSON files, read/parse the data into tables, and then mint an NFT where Tableland powers the metadata.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out how to use the SDK, smart contracts, REST API, and CLI—at least the quickstarts!