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Get info about a given table by name.

tableland info <name>

Pass the table's name to then retrieve table information in the standard ERC721 metadata format, including the table’s name, creation data, external URL, and attributes.

<name>stringThe table's name.


tableland info healthbot_1_1


"name": "healthbot_1_1",
"externalUrl": "",
"animationUrl": "",
"image": "",
"schema": {
"columns": [
"name": "counter",
"type": "integer"
"attributes": [
"displayType": "date",
"traitType": "created",
"value": 1674047325

Using a table alias

If you create a table with a provided JSON file passed to the --aliases flag, a full table name ({prefix}_{chainId}_{tableId}) is not needed. For example, if you have a file tableland.aliases.json with the following:

"example": "example_31337_2"

You can run the info command with the table alias.

tableland info example