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Get the receipt from a table's transaction.

tableland receipt <txn_hash>

You can use receipt to get a mutating query's transaction information, including if it was executed and the execution details. This is especially useful for errors that occur when a transaction is successful, but the SQL execution was not (syntax error, insufficient permissions, etc.). The global flag for --chain should also be included unless a config file has been created.

<hash>stringThe transaction hash from a table create or write query.


Retrieve data associated with a transaction, including the block number, table ID, and chain ID.

tableland receipt 0xe62a3d3c5955e63b69daced639570e6e59559750d19a8e21bc91251a1876cce3 --chain maticmum


"tableId": "5942",
"transactionHash": "0xe62a3d3c5955e63b69daced639570e6e59559750d19a8e21bc91251a1876cce3",
"blockNumber": 35114209,
"chainId": 80001

If some transaction has a problem and didn't mutate the database, this information will also be described in the error field:

tableland receipt 0xf186073a8b1e3eba78e76a91517bc0daf425bb0d3f10379a26f2b386bc28c2ea --chain maticmum


"transactionHash": "0xf186073a8b1e3eba78e76a91517bc0daf425bb0d3f10379a26f2b386bc28c2ea",
"blockNumber": 35114382,
"chainId": 80001,
"error": "db query execution failed (code: SQLITE_cannot store TEXT value in INT column, msg: cannot store TEXT value in INT column"