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Deployed contracts

A list of deployed Tableland registry contracts for each supported chain.

The following page highlights which chains Tableland has smart contracts deployed on, which is currently Ethereum and a subset of its scaling solutions. Over time, additional EVM compatible chains will be added based on developer demand.

Registry contract

The TablelandTables registry contract exists on each of the chains below and is generally responsible for creating (minting) tables, SQL write statements, and access controls. Each chain has its associated name, environment, chain ID, and the contract address (links to a block explorer) displayed.

ChainEnvironmentChain IDAddress
arbitrum onemainnet421610x9aBd75E8640871A5a20d3B4eE6330a04c962aFfd
arbitrum novamainnet421700x1A22854c5b1642760a827f20137a67930AE108d2
ethereum sepoliatestnet111551110xc50C62498448ACc8dBdE43DA77f8D5D2E2c7597D
optimism goerlitestnet4200xC72E8a7Be04f2469f8C2dB3F1BdF69A7D516aBbA
arbitrum sepoliatestnet4216140x223A74B8323914afDC3ff1e5005564dC17231d6e
polygon mumbaitestnet800010x4b48841d4b32C4650E4ABc117A03FE8B51f38F68
filecoin calibrationtestnet3141590x030BCf3D50cad04c2e57391B12740982A9308621
local tablelandlocal313370xe7f1725e7734ce288f8367e1bb143e90bb3f0512


Tableland is still in open beta and will be launching the production network in 2024. But, smart contracts and apps deployed on testnet and mainnet chains can and should use the Tableland during the open beta period.

Developers should still proceed with caution due to the nature of open beta changes and ensure contracts that use Tableland are future-proof.