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Import table

Take an existing created table and import it into your Studio project.

studio import-table <table> <project> <description> [name]

Use these commands to interact with your Studio projects, including listing projects associated with your accounts, creating new projects, and adding members to teams that manage the project.

<table>string--The universally unique table name, {prefix}_{chainId}_{tableId}.
<project>string--The unique project ID.
<description>string--(Optional) the team's ID, if known.
[name]string--(Optional) the team's ID, if known.

You must also include the project ID for which the table is imported into (it's the same as the argument defined above).

--projectId, --pidstring--The unique project ID.


studio import-table users_31337_2 eac4b0f2-ab4d-41ec-9789-19f0a4905615 "A users table" --pid eac4b0f2-ab4d-41ec-9789-19f0a4905615

You’ll then receive a confirmation message. Note the name is shown as undefined since no custom table name/alias was specified, but the table will inherit from the original prefix/alias—e.g., users will show up in Studio web app.

successfully imported users_31337_2
projectId: eac4b0f2-ab4d-41ec-9789-19f0a4905615
name: undefined
description: A users table