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Start by logging into the Studio with the account you created in the Studio web app.

studio login

After you've logged in & created an account in the Studio web app, you can use that account with the Studio CLI. There are three required flags to pass to the login command:

--chainstring--The chain name to write data to.
--providerUrlstring--The provider RPC URL for the chain.
--privateKeystring--The account's private key that's logging in.


The following shows how you might log in. The example uses a private key from Hardhat's default accounts with a Local Tableland + Hardhat node (chain ID 31337) for demonstration purposes, but in Studio web app, you should be using live testnet or mainnet chains. The provider URL shown reflects this local-only setup; production chains will have different URLs, like that of Alchemy or Infura.

studio login --chain local-tableland --providerUrl --privateKey 59c6995e998f97a5a0044966f0945389dc9e86dae88c7a8412f4603b6b78690d

Once executed, the following will be logged to confirm that account is now logged in:

You are logged in with address: 0x70997970C51812dc3A010C7d01b50e0d17dc79C8

Locally, your home directory should have created a .studioclisessions.json. It will store session information and resemble the following:

"session-cookie": "STUDIO_SESSION=Fe26.2*1*abcdefg......",
"apiUrl": ""