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Manage and inspect information about your Studio projects.

studio project <subcommand>

Use these commands to interact with your Studio projects, including listing projects associated with your accounts, creating new projects, and adding members to teams that manage the project.

ls [identifier]

List all of your projects tied to your Studio account, optionally, passing the team ID. Defaults to your Studio session context.

[identifier]stringStudio session default(Optional) the team's ID, if known.



studio project ls

The output will use whatever your default team context is.

"id": "eac4b0f2-ab4d-41ec-9789-19f0a4905615",
"name": "starter",
"slug": "starter",
"description": "A starter project."

Or, you can pass a specific team identifier.

studio project ls 65048d24-96a8-49b4-8b84-28b636383c87


"id": "5fae1e8c-1848-4d4e-b6a5-b9dd42fe682a",
"name": "collabs_project",
"slug": "collabs_project",
"description": "this is a collabs project"